Keyless Entry & Biometric Scanners

Biometric Scanners & Keyless Entry

HIPAA Solutions – Biometric Scanners & Keyless Entry Solutions

To protect the privacy of all patient information, HIPAA regulated businesses must create a trusted environment where all users are authenticated prior to gaining access to any data, network or computer. HIPAA solutions are required to be personalized to the entity and offer very specific security strengths.

INC Tech utilizes cutting-edge biometric solutions to provide strong authentication of users while still maintaining the layman ease-of-use for doctors and clinicians. Unlike other methods of authentication such as tokens, cards and/or passwords/PINs, which can be shared, Biometric scanners include a fingerprint that eliminates card sharing issues. INC Tech leverages existing platforms such as employee key cards, proximity cards and smart cards along with the biometric scanners to improve existing infrastructure investments.

INC Tech can deliver integrated security, defend intellectual property against external attacks, insider threats and data loss plus ensure patient privacy and confidentiality. By leveraging biometric solutions to meet and manage regulatory compliance, INC Tech ahieves a high degree of control from the desktop to the datacenter of our HIPAA regulated clients.

By combining biometric fingerprint readers with traditional keyless entries, security passwords and other security systems, we can elevate security levels significantly while enjoying tremendous ease of use.

To take advantage of INC Tech’s services for your home or business, call us at (310) 910-9044 or email us at:, or complete our website form. If you are located outside of Los Angeles, we have offices throughout Southern California and Michigan, we can help. Please contact us at (310) 910-9044.
HIPAA Solutions - Biometric Scanners & Keyless Entries

INC Technologies applies advanced security to all desktops, data and applications. Through our Managed Care option, our organizations benefit from advanced logging, reporting, and auditing capabilities. Policies can be established so that data is always stored centrally and compliance regulations can easily be met.

  • INC Technologies utilizes cutting edge secure HIPAA solutions to:

    • Secure desktops, application and data to maintain patient confidentiality
    • Maintain the datacenter is safeguarded by strong authentication, smart access controls and data encryption
    • Protect corporate assets and intellectual property plus meeting compliance requirements
  • Biometric and Keyless Systems Include:

    • Facial Recognition Detector
    • Fingerprint reader
    • Voice Recognition
    • Iris Scanner & Recognition
    • Veins Recognition
    • DNA Biometrics System
    • 2D Barcode Scanner