Crestron Service Provider Los Angeles

Crestron Service Provider in Los AngelesWe have been a premier Crestron Service Provider in Los Angeles for many years.  We understand that setting up Crestron AV control system correctly can be a time-consuming process, especially for a non-techie. However, it should be done systematically, and taken in pieces. A qualified Crestron Service Provider should always look for documentation stating system specifications and understand what the system expectations are.

As an authorized Crestron service provider in Los Angeles, we know it is critically important to understand what the system is designed to do.  It is important to start with checking connections, wire to wire. Sometimes two people can get the job done more quickly (and accurately) by working together. One of us can start at the top of the rack and read off numbers while the other physically checks connections at the back of the equipment – all the while keeping careful documentation. This process takes about 20 minutes per rack on average and can save hours of Crestron troubleshooting time because of missing or misplaced cables. Cat5 and network cables have always been pre-tested for continuity before this point.

After confirming all internal wiring we input devices.  Along the way, always confirm signal path to the proper displays, recording and streaming devices is confirmed. If the proper signals do not show up where they are supposed to at this point, the control system programming should be inspected.

Finally, when we are sure that we have met the designers and customers specifications, we always make one more pass through the command center – one last time each button push and layered screen on the touch panel should be confirmed.

Finally, we keep in mind that although we are techies – our clients, the system owners, are not.  So we look at button names and overall layout of the touch panel from their perspective. If this was the first time we had ever touched the system, could we make it work? The number one thing about a system after install is it needs to be intuitive – if you can’t use it easily, you won’t – which is just a waste. Crestron Control systems have been designed to automate and simplify operation of very complex systems. Crestron trains its service providers, us, to be able to provide superior installation, troubleshooting and maintenance of their systems.  At INC Tech we are well versed as brand ambassadors and authorized Crestron service providers serving all of Los Angeles County.