Security Camera

Delivering 4K ultra high-definition video indoors is fairly straightforward. However, attempting such a feat with surveillance cameras is complicated by objects in motion, varying light conditions, and bandwidth limitations.
INC Technologies, is now able to offer a 4K HD solution that resolves all limitations, and covers more areas than before.

Our solution allows up to 32 IP cameras to be connected and recorded on up to 8 hard drives. With all these enhanced details, your new security camera system will give you the ability to capture everything from still to fast moving objects, in high quality and resolution.

Refine Quality at Lower Costs4K Logo

There are special attributes that take the 4K HD cameras to the next degree. Our solution is equipped with practical methods of approach to improve quality, and at the same time lower costs of video surveillance. Intelligent Auto Exposure (IAE) provides you with first-class front and back-light compensation, giving you the perfect capture every time.

Increased Awareness and Easy Integration

The camera has the capability to provide a wide-angle overview and different focus points on a single screen, and helps you focus on details without losing the bigger picture. We give you the ability to zoom in on an area of interest in fixed detail of the entire image. These close-ups are transmitted in a different stream, so both the whole picture and the detailed image can be seen at the same time. Areas of interest when zooming in, also allow instinctive tracking of people or objects of interest in a single frame, and you never will lose track of them.

Adding Awareness and Organization

Did you know that in 20 minutes passing, you could miss up to 90% of activity on a security camera screen? Many security camera users are unaware of that, but Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA) resolves that by alerting you when predefined alarms are generated. By actively linking up to 8 IVA regulations, difficult tasks are simplified and false alarms are reduced to a minimum.

Here at INC Technologies, we we are constantly striving to make bleeding-edge technology available to our clients at a fraction of the cost of our competitors. Security camera systems that mitigate risk and give you peace-of-mind is our goal, and with our 4K security camera system, you will never have to worry about whether or not you are safe in your place of business or home. Give us a call today and receive a consultation, free of charge!