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INC Technologies is proud to offer our clients only the best solutions on the market.  As a Los Angeles Savant product installer, we are impressed by the features and integration process pioneered by Savant.

Savant specializes in a luxury product line that offers the ultimate experience in whole-home automation—ideal for Los Angeles’ most discerning homeowners and distinguished spaces.

A Savant system combines a integral aspects to create the final “automated home” product which has set Savant apart from other solutions.  All we need to get your smart home up and running is a host (the hub of wireless communication) and the Savant app (which integrates with a tablet or smart phone to bring all of the components together at the touch of a finger).

You will be able to control basically everything in your home from your smart phone or mobile device. Because the Savant apps are available for iOS and Android, and some have dedicated remotes and touch screens available as well. Lights, climate, home theater, home audio, and security are just some of the devices that can be professionally integrated into an easy-to-use system.  As a result, home automation will simplify your life. If an electronic device plugs in, it can be automated.

Savant Pro Installer

  • Whole-Home Entertainment
  • Climate Control & Energy Monitoring
  • Wi-Fi Lighting Control
  • Integrated Security
  • Advanced Home Customization
  • Personalized User Interfaces

“Everyday Elevated.” – Savant is a premium automation experience that will change the way you enjoy your home.  Home Automation is more complete, powerful and affordable than ever before – Learn more about our Savant home automation services.


Los Angeles Savant Home Automation

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