HRA Audio SystemsInc Technologies is proud to offer Naim products in our quest for the perfect HRA system design.

What sets Naim apart?

Each and every Naim product is created, stylized and built entirely in service of the sound.  Which results in a pure experience of music that is as close as possible to its original live source.

Like Naim, Inc Technologies realizes this purpose through attention to four fundamentals in our HRA system design.

HRA System Design Fundamentals:

Space: We give each of the audio component a separate environment, excluding outside interference, which means no muddying the purity of sound.

Circuitry: We try to minimize interaction between the internal levels, so that our systems  simultaneously offer both the quiet and the loud, as originally intended by the artist.

Purposeful Material Selection: We utilize materials that measure up in performance, not just appearance.

Technology: We consistently look for new and innovative ways to achieve our clients’ HRA system design goals. Focusing on integrating sophisticated electronic design and software deployment, with mechanical engineering and acoustics studies to deliver a truly advanced high-resolution audio experience.

By managing the relationship between these four components of high-resolution audio, INC Technologies empowers our clients to hear every single note in equal measure and transform their home audio experience from just speaker sound to musical performance.

Naim and INC Technologies’ high resolution audio specialists agree, “Let the voice of Naim take you inside the music… Go Deeper.”