Friday the 13th virus

According to a couple different security websites, we don’t actually need to be more afraid on Friday the 13th.

The Friday the 13th Virus, was created in 1988. To be activated, the calendar only had to hit Friday the 13th and all the programs and files that were being used would be infected and eliminated. Over and over again. 1988 was a long time ago, so of course it was spread through some outdated methods like floppies and CD-ROM’s.  It also was spread through a virus’s favorite medium as a malevolent email attachment.

As always, at INC Tech, in order to prevent these types of infections, keep your operating system and antivirus updated. We offer a free virus review and would be happy to discuss options with you if you think you’ve been infected with any sort of virus.

What we don’t recommend is changing your computer’s calendar to Saturday the 14th , to combat the Friday the 13th virus, before the stroke of midnight on the 12th. Those guys with nothing better to do than build a virus already thought of that one… anyone who changed their PC’s clock to the following day, not only risked messing up numerous other applications on their computer, but were also playing straight into the hands of the Durban virus – which launches on Saturday the 14th.

We don’t have to worry about the old Friday the 13th virus or Saturday the 14th virus anymore. However, there are a lot of meaner, nastier viruses lurking these days.

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