I NC Technologies, with our partners, provides the industry’s most complete cloud platform for data protection. The CloudSync platform delivers cloud backup and archivedisaster recovery, and file sharing with military-grade security. This full range of data protection functions span mobile devices, Macs, PCs, tablets, fileservers, and application servers. The CloudSync flexible platform protects data to a company’s own private cloud, a public cloud environment or to any one of the CloudSync twelve data centers around the world. CloudSync will automatically find your important files and can find and backup files based on type, making it easy to manually specify exactly which folders to back up.

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    • CloudSync is a venture backed cloud company headquartered in El Segundo, California.
    • The CloudSync platform powers over 1,000 independent cloud service companies and MSP’s and has protected billions of files.
    • CloudSync offers the only complete cloud data protection platform available.

CloudSync’s technology offers the broadest product line available anywhere, all managed from a single interface and delivers flexible control and deployment options that can span any mix of the global CloudSync cloud, enterprise private clouds, and third-party clouds. CloudSync runs quietly and automatically in the background on Mac, PC, Android, and iOS backups are performed manually. CloudSync uses minimal system resources. Protect all of your USB, Firewire, Thunderbolt, eSATA and other external storage devices. Even back up network attached volumes from any PC, Mac, or Linux machine. Cloud storage is infinite. You get Apps and Software, the CloudSync Cloud, all security features , support, and more. Setup is quick and easy.

CloudSync offers flexible backup for diverse environments, incredibly safe, fast, secure and encrypted backup, smart archiving, continuous data protection, enterprise compression, centralized management, with file sharing and mobile access.

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