Smart Thermostats and Remote Control

Remote Smart Thermostats, Heating & Air-Conditioning

Smart thermostats are a smarter home technology that enables you to control your home’s temperature via a tablet or smartphone. (Not to be confused with a ‘smart meter’ – an electronic device that records consumption of electric energy and communicates that info back to the utility company for monitoring and billing).

Most thermostats are regulated via dial or control panel. However, a remote thermostat gives you more efficient, user friendly and accessible control over your HVAC system.

What components make up Smart Thermostats?

A hard-wired component plugs directly into your HVAC and wirelessly communicates with the in-home device that is the thermostat and main control.  An app that is downloaded to a smartphone (or tablet) allows homeowner’s remote access to their home’s heating systems.  Read more about Savant’s partnership with Nest.

Some automated thermostats offer more complicated applications, such as detecting when your smartphone is in the home, or even alerting when you’re on your way home, and turning the system on to your desired temperature.

How will a smart thermostat benefit me?

The ability to remotely control a home’s temperature appeals to those with busy schedules; late meetings? Forget to turn off the heating system when you left for vacation? Trying to save energy and be more ‘green’?

Smart home thermostats provide the ability to heat your home more efficiently which usually saves energy consumption. The app also compiles and shares reports about your usage patterns, which can help you better understand your heating usage, and help adjust your behavior and preferences to save money.

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