Residential Lighting Control

Residential Lighting Control

Automated Lighting Control & Shading Systems

Revolutionize the way you manage light in your home!
We offer single control lighting and shading solutions for home throughout Los Angeles County, San Diego County, Orange County and surrounding areas.  Our lighting control solutions provide superior control, security and energy saving benefits. Today’s technology makes lighting and shading control available to a wide audience.

Love Your Lighting – Savant Lighting Control

Our goal is to allow you to adjust the brightness on a single lamp or all over the room so your lighting is always just the way you like it.  We partner with Savant Home Automation products to add ease to your everyday, whether it is scheduling a scene like “Wake Up” to slowly brighten your lights in the morning, or transitioning to “Goodnight” to go dark with a simple touch.

Lighting control gives you the ability to add to the beauty of your home with an infinite variety of customized room and whole-house lighting scenes.

Energy-Smart Systems

Los Angeles Lighting control systems also integrate seamlessly with our automation and control systems. Let us show you how lighting and shading control greatly enhances your home by creating energy savings and even contributing to green living!

To take advantage of INC Tech’s services for your home or business, call us at (310) 910-9044 or email us at:, or complete our website form. If you are located outside of Los Angeles, we have offices throughout Southern California and Michigan, we can help. Please contact us at (310) 910-9044.
Los Angeles Lighting Control

Offering Los Angeles Automated Home Lighting Control Systems

    • Remotes
    • iPad / iPhone / Tablet / Apple Devices
    • Wi-Fi Security
    • Motion Detection
    • Zoned Systems
    • Remote Access
    • Customizable Solutions
    • Lighting control systems
    • Hidden wiring
    • Motorized doors and shades
    • Camera systems
    • Telephone and Intercom
    • Leak Detection
    • Reliable device integration!

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