Remote Blinds and Doors

Motorized Blinds and Doors

INC Technologies has been installing automated / remote blinds Los Angeles for our smart home clients throughout Southern California.

Why do motorized shades and doors improve our clients’ quality of life?

  • Great for that “hard to reach” windows which need shades you remotely open and close
  • Motorized shades provide privacy at the touch of a button
  • Battery-powered motor requires no wiring or electrical outlet or hidden wires offer a no-maintenance options

If you’ve automated your lighting, security, and entertainment systems, but if you’re still manually your shades, then you are missing out on one of the most fulfilling home automation components. As a result of installing motorized shades, you’ll have privacy with the push of a button.

Automated window shades are extremely convenient for hard-to-reach windows, including skylights, high windows, and windows behind a counter or bathtub. Motorized shades won’t be at odds with the integrity of your décor as the mechanisms are very unobtrusive. Remote control allows the consumer to set electronic limit stops, remember preset positions and enables the consumer to select a “preferred” or “most favored” position.

You are extending the life of your blinds because motor control eliminates the uneven manual pulling and tugging which causes lots of wear and tear. With automated window blinds, our clients are able to open, close or partially close shades in one touch or at a specific time of day. Regardless of if you want relief from late-afternoon sun or want all exterior light eliminated for daytime darkness, automated window blinds and doors offers many different programming modes and scenes.

To take advantage of INC Tech’s services for your home or business, call us at (310) 910-9044 or email us at:, or complete our website form. If you are located outside of Los Angeles, we have offices throughout Southern California and Michigan, we can help. Please contact us at (310) 910-9044.

How Do Automated Window Blinds Work?

Most remote control automated blinds and doors offer of either a built-in radio receiver or a built-in infrared receiver. Using the remote or an App (Learn more about Savant Scenes) included with installation, our clients are able to open, close, or stop at blinds any spot in between.

Remote Blinds Los Angeles

INC Technologies has been installing remote blinds Los Angeles for over a decade.

  • In addition to remote blinds Los Angeles, INC Tech specializes in:

    • Remotes
    • iPad / iPhone / Tablet / Apple Devices
    • Wi-Fi Security
    • Motion Detection
    • Zoned Systems
    • Remote Access
    • Customizable Solutions
    • Lighting control systems
    • Hidden wiring
    • Motorized doors and shades
    • Camera systems
    • Telephone and Intercom
    • Leak Detection
    • Reliable device integration!

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