Residential A/V

Residential A/V

At INC Tech, Los Angeles Home Automation is Our Specialty

Tired of trying to hit the right light switch the first time? How about losing remote controls? Or trying to remember which one runs the entertainment center versus the gaming system? A single device would be perfect!

Control Your Home Automation System with One Device

We install home automation systems throughout Los Angeles County, Orange County and San Diego County. Our fully customizable home automation control systems can be controlled with your iPad. Let us organize and integrate all of your controls onto your tablet or smart phone, making your house a smart home.

INC Technologies provides superior residential Home Automation services and a guided approach to setting up your residential A/V environment.  INC Tech partners with only the best in home automation, telecommunication and integrated control systems to bring you cutting edge standard equipment, cost effective options, and solutions to unforeseen problems.

To take advantage of INC Tech’s services for your home or business, call us at (310) 910-9044 or email us at:, or complete our website form. If you are located outside of Los Angeles, we have offices throughout Southern California and Michigan, we can help. Please contact us at (310) 910-9044.
Home Automation Specialists Los Angeles

Home Automation Los Angeles, Pasadena, San Diego, Hollywood, Encino and Surrounding Areas.

  • We specialize in:

    • Pre wiring
    • Light control systems
    • Whole house music
    • “Green” electronic design
    • Lighting control systems
    • Hidden wiring
    • Motorized doors and shades
    • Camera systems
    • Telephone and Intercom
    • IT & Computer Networking
    • Custom solutions!