Points Of Contact

  • Please Provide Up To Four Points of Contact

  • INC Technologies will attempt to contact the individuals listed in order, as indicated by you, until initial contact is made. However, in the event of a large-scale outage affecting a significant number of Customers, the INC may not be able to contact all affected customers immediately. In this case, you can be assured that the INC is actively working to resolve the problem and restore service. Please also note that an email address is required for each individual in your organization that will require advanced notification of possible service affecting outages.

    Authority Levels:

    • R/W/A: (View/Change/All) This contact has full authority to request information and place orders on all aspects of the account including bill usage and network configuration.
    • R/W/B: (View/Change/Bill) This contact has the authority to ask questions about billing issues and request bill related changes on the account such as the billing address.
    • R/W/O: (View/Change/Orders) This contact can receive information about the network configuration on an account including line type, count, and physical and data configuration. This contact is authorized to place orders on the account including reconfigures, moves, adds, changes, new locations, etc.
    • R/O: (View/Only) This type of contact is allowed to request and receive information regarding bills, network configuration, and orders, but is not authorized to make changes on accounts or orders.
    • R/T: (View/Trouble) This authority level is allowed to report trouble on accounts, receive network configuration information in support of resolving trouble on the account.
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