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As a top Managed Services providers in Northern Michigan, INC Tech offers complimentary hardware, software, HIPAA and network security assessments.

INC Tech’s is one of the best managed services providers in Northern Michigan. When it comes to Northern Michigan network security, we always focus on both the big picture as well as the details. As part of INC Tech’s continuing focus on proactive management and support of our clients’ network systems, we provide a complimentary Network Health Assessment for new clients which utilizes our Network Detective software. We take the pulse of your existing infrastructure in four ways: Network Assessment, Mail Security Assessment, Interactive Compliance Assessment (including HIPAA or PCI, as relevant),  and Software/Hardware health analysis.

As part of the project, we review, gather, and document information about the following:

  • All UPS and power management (for when the power goes out and you don’t want to lose data)
  • All servers (both physical and virtual)
  • All virtual infrastructure and / or network attached storage devices
  • All workstations
  • All routers, switches, hubs, and wireless access points
  • All firewalls and any other network security devices
  • Any backup, security, and infrastructure software
  • Any hosted application information
  • Any 3rd Party related software, systems, account info, contact info, etc. (including internet carriers, hosts, cablers, etc.)
  • Server performance and utilization
  • Disk storage capacity and usage
  • Backup status (ie: completeness, accuracy, recurrence)
  • Anti-virus and Anti-spam
  • Warranty status (for system critical machines and devices)
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities
  • Application performance
  • Software licensing compliance
  • Internet performance
  • Security compliance – HIPAA and PCI (as relevant)

After the initial assessment phase, we prepare a detailed report of current issues, security status, and threat-levels which details our findings, their impact, as well as our recommendations.  INC Tech’s infrastructure assessments provides important, actionable results in the form of a detailed written report documenting all your organizations’ IT systems. Many managed services provider in Northern Michigan claim to offer holistic network assessments, but our assessment software is the first, and only, cyber security tool that delivers daily alerts on INTERNAL IT security issues, including anomalous user behavior, unexpected changes to the network, and other threats that firewalls just can’t catch.

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