VMWare AlwaysOn

Our Partner VMWare’s AlwaysOn Product offers User Mobility

Desktop mobility is a core to the Horizon platform. As end users move from device to device and across locations, the AlwaysOn product reconnects end users to the virtual desktop instances, even when they access the enterprise from a remote location through a firewall.

This functionality is sometimes called a “follow-me desktop.” This type of session persistence can yield significant benefits and productivity gains because it allows users to move seamlessly across any device and between locations while keeping their desktops and applications available in the same state.

Security – Safe-harbor data protection – Loss of the end-user device is no longer a security issue because no data is locally stored or cached.

User authentication – Compatible with several authentication platforms designed to simplify the end-user experience. Offering a tap-and-go (card reader) functionality, providing workflow and compliance benefits, especially in healthcare use cases.

Antivirus protection – Compatible with most of the top antivirus platforms, including Trend Micro, McAfee, Symantec, and Sophos.

In a Bank of Tokyo Case Study, the use of AlwaysOn technology was found to:

  • Improve security on PC workstations
  • Allow the infrastructure to be more efficiently managed, thanks to virtualization of the environment, including applications
  • Reduce operating costs by 15% due to higher workstation utilization rates
  • Translate into a more efficient, paperless style organization