The Phantom looks something like a Bentley version of R2D2. What’s not to love? We know we couldn’t resist Devialet’s Phantom.

high resolution audio technology cross section

A high resolution audio technology cross section.

high resolution audio - Phantom

High Resolution Audio coupled with advanced styling and technology.

phantom-implosive sound I don’t know about you, but the idea of ultra-dense sound with physical impact out of something that looks like a high-end extra from Star Wars, is too awesome not to explore. So, explore is exactly what we did on our recent showroom junket to New York City.  Looking for some of the best high resolution audio in New York lead us back to one of our favorite hi-fi audio partners, Devialet.

We can easily say that the time we spent with the shiny, streamlined Phantoms almost knocked our socks off… literally. The Phantom offers 4,500W of power, enough to produce sound levels up to 108 dB, or concert-level loud! Its aluminum midrange and bass drivers let it hit notes down to 14 Hz, while the titanium tweeter is capable of reaching 27 kHz. It also plays nice with a host of audio sources, thanks to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Airplay, and Spotify Connect support.

We even got to see the inside of one of the little guys – after we really got to connect with the sound in a way most devices can’t offer, looking at the carefully crafted insides was a geek moment we won’t soon forget. With just one Phantom or a pack of Phantoms combining to create multi-room system, they bring the best high resolution audio sound in the world into your home.

Devialet, high resolution audio experts, proudly boasts that their Phantom system offers “A power, clarity, and preciseness unlike anything you have ever heard before.”  We’ve heard it, and we are pretty sure they are correct.

Speaking of getting a pack of Phantoms… we aren’t the first to have thought of it.  Combine up to 24 Phantoms for the ultimate multi-room experience.  Up to 24 Phantom can be synchronized and with  Devialet’s Spark application, you can play the same music on all the Phantoms or shuffle from room to room, from Phantom to Phantom …

As one of the few Phantom authorized dealers in Los Angeles, if you can’t make it to SOHO to see their flagship store, give us a call and we would love to introduce you to some truly spectacular engineering and high resolution audio. Learn more about our hi-fi audio solutions and services.

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