Keep operations running smoothly by focusing on four digital sign maintenance areas essential to your advertising your business digitally:

  1. digital sign maintenanceSoftware maintenance: Upgrade and update the software that runs your digital sign system (just like with a phone or computer). The newest system software updates will allow you to run the latest sign technology and improves system security. Maintenance must include the removal of outdated and unnecessary files and updates to the network security systems.
  2. Hardware maintenance: Digital signs’ hardware can become outdated as well, but regular maintenance will help those signs last longer. You should regularly check hardware and wiring for damage caused by the elements including: gravity, accidents, rodents, heat etc. Routinely you should inspect wires and cables for damaged insulation, loose wire connections, and heat damage including burns.
  3. Cleaning: The accumulation of dust and debris will affect the performance of your digital signs. Dirty screens are harder to read and a coast of dust on the screen can give the impression your business is defunct or unimportant. Dust can also cause damage including clogged data ports and interfere with internal components. That layer of dust also contributes to a potential for overheating. Screens, cables, and video players should be cleaned regularly.  A spring cleaning, a full-scale cleaning involving dismantling the system and cleaning crevices, should be scheduled at least once a year.
  4. Cooling: Digital signage systems can overheat, which means interior electronics may be destroyed. Particular care should be taken for outdoor systems, since outside temperatures fluctuate significantly in Southern California. Ensure cooling systems, such as fans or air conditioners, are cleaned and are running smoothly.

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