iStock_000018040163SmallMore and more technology needs to be connected to the internet 24/7 (even at home) in order to function correctly.  Laptops, smartphones, tablets, home security systems, media systems, and smart home systems all suffer catastrophic failure when they are suddenly without power.

Why is a Residential UPS as important as your business’ backup power supply?

  • Enables working from home, even during a power outage
  • Allows you to access your remote computer systems during a power problem
  • Can keeps streaming services up and running (e.g. Netflix)
  • Home Automation: keeps your home under control (e.g. connected thermostat)
  • Continues to allow monitoring of your home with video protection
  • Remote health monitoring of your business

More and more applications demand an uninterruptible internet connection. This is why your internet gateway must be protected against power outages and lightning strikes.  Our recommended UPS’s also provide high-performance protection against damaging surges (IEC 61643-1 compliant).

Contact INC Technologies, we can review your current system and let you know if you have a UPS in play and if it is working correctly.