outdoor theater space design

Sealoc and Sunbrite both manufacture TVs that are water resistant (not to be confused with water proof). They also offer extra-bright panels which reduce glare and result in excellent picture quality outdoors.

In Southern California, we love to be outside  We also love watching television. However, indoor televisions don’t belong in outdoor home theater space (even if the “outdoor area” is a covered patio or partially covered area). It makes more sense to invest in a weather resistant outdoor television instead of installing an indoor TV outside. Indoor televisions won’t survive very long in an outside home theater space.

6 Reasons Why

Safety: Just read the manual for your indoor television.  The manual details the risk of fire and electrocution if exposed to moisture.

Damage to the TV: There is obviously a lot of “elements” that you are exposing an indoor television to – for which it just wasn’t prepared. Dust, moisture, dirt, sun will shorten the lifespan of a television meant to be sheltered.

Picture Quality: Indoor televisions weren’t created with glare in mind. Picture quality will often be sacrificed by black spots or glare.

Warranty Issues: For obvious reasons indoor televisions can be ruined outside, so that sort of treatment negates a warranty.

Chain Reaction of Compromised Devices: Water damage can cause damage to other connected devices – increasing the device carnage.

Time: Trying to setup your television for specific outside events is time consuming (and often futile for all the reasons above).

Did you know there are specifically televisions for outdoor home theater spaces referred to as weatherproof outdoor TVs? Sealoc and Sunbrite both manufacture TVs that are water resistant (not to be confused with water proof).  They also offer extra-bright panels which reduces glare and results in excellent picture quality under natural light. Finally, make sure you have a water proof remote, weather resistant cables and mount. At INC Tech, we can recommend and install outdoor theater systems.