Getting the most vivid, real-time display on home TV for watching sports and entertainment isn’t always “a given”

As is customary in any electronics store, you find yourself surrounded by walls filled with televisions, nestled side by side, streaming movies or sports in a synchronized manner. What you may not realize is that in order for the various manufacturers to stand out, these televisions have been carefully calibrated to create interest and convince you to make a purchase. However, when you get home and plug in your new TV, the end result may not be as exciting.

Most people believe that what they are seeing on their screen is a true depiction of what is being televised. Unfortunately, that couldn’t be further from the truth. In the world of high-tech video and audio entertainment systems, there are many variables that can distort the images on your television that ultimately affect the desired visual effect. The only recourse available to obtain an optimal viewing experience is to properly calibrate your new television and create specific settings for different types of content.


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Aramis Hernandez is the founder and president of INC Technologies, an award-winning Los Angeles-based IT firm that provides a wide level of managed information technology, computer networking services, implementation of commercial and home security systems, and audio/video installations. As president, Hernandez is responsible for overseeing all its divisions, implementing and managing onsite and virtual IT services to its clients, which include mid-sized companies as well as high net worth celebrities, top athletes, and C-Suite executives.

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