cyber security

We’re here to inform you today about how successful data attacks happen on the daily basis, and how to prevent your data from being held hostage. The amount of times the attacks occur is increasing fast and those who organize these attacks are becoming more and more advanced. Cyber-attacks have experienced significant changes and are even more difficult to counteract as the attackers’ technology has progressed.

Nobody is safe from these attacks, as go
vernments and corporate websites are no longer the main focus. From individuals to medium-sized corporations, everyone is potential victim. Being attacked is inevitable, but what makes the difference is your security procedure, how secure your defense is, as well as your incident response time after the hack.

Here are the top 5 reasons to invest in our cyber security:

Amount of Attacks

Industry leaders in virus protections like Symantec, McAfee, and Fire Eye all revealed an increase in attack frequency over the last two years. You easily get probed for vulnerabilities, by more sophisticated means and attack vectors. One example is the recent use of Exploit Kits paired with malvertising on major news outlets or social media websites. One click on a fake advertisement is all that is needed, or even browsing the Interet and visiting an infected page can kick-start a drive-by-download of a virus.

Cost of Attacks Without Securitysecurity lock

Without cyber security, the cost of a direct attack, the downtime it triggers, the damage to the PR of your company, opportunity of business is lost, and the fees to get your data back add up and significantly hurt your company.

Cyber Criminal’s Targets When Attacking

Many people when attacked by a cyber-criminal feel as they’ve had bad luck, or the criminal specifically chose them. In actuality the attackers use an automated software that examines a website’s weak point so that they can easily breach it, and hold substantial phishing operations to spread botnets such as Ransomware, Cryptowall, and Trojans. It’s a rarity that the bad guys will specifically attack you company, but it is your duty to make sure your company is never in a vulnerable position to be a target.

The Cyber Criminal World

A number of Nation States are devoting Billions of dollars into their cyberwar attack abilities. Not only do they focus on power and water infrastructures, but they also attack entire sectors of the economy. That means corrupting individual enterprises’ running stock markets, financials, insurance, and manufacturing.

Next, cybercrime services are ascending to new heights – because of an ever evolving cyber-underground economy, it is easier than ever for cyber criminals to get started with advanced tools that provide them with easy invasions. The criminal competition has grown rapidly, which is why it is necessary to take every precaution necessary to ensure your safety.

Safety is A Must

Cybercrime is a business nowadays, and their time is money. Rather than taking up their time to find weak spots in a highly guarded software, they will attack through the employees. By advising employees through active Security Awareness Training, you will see measureable and noticeable ROI.

With all these new methods of attacks that cyber criminals have, it is in your best interest to contact INC Technologies and equip yourself with the necessary tools to defend yourself against these cyber-attacks. As mentioned in our second blog, cyber criminals will use any method of fraudulent promotion to get into your data. It is imperative for you to be prepared for if and when that happens. By contacting INC Technologies you will be in good hands. Schedule a free consultation today as part of our holiday deals!