INC Tech’s network assessment, compliance verification and security audit ensures you are protected on all fronts.  Our network health evaluation checks all of your systems and provides you with a complete 360 degree view of your risks:

  • Information technology best practice evaluation – external and internal IT security audit evaluation of your firewalls, network infrastructure, logical access controls, servers, security protection systems, anti-malware, ransomware, backups, wireless networks, and more.
  • Physical checkpoints – physical controls over hardware including network equipment and data centers, server rooms, cameras, and physical access points.
  • Administrative safeguards – review of policies, procedures, plans, forms, security training materials, incident response plans, business continuity, cyber insurance, and more.

Our initial report identifies specific vulnerabilities and provides detailed instructions to mitigate or eliminate each risk.

Security/Network Audit Report

INC Tech’s initial report and ongoing reports provide specific recommendations and detailed steps you can take to address any identified security vulnerabilities. After completion of the free audit, INC Tech will provide 30 days of support with no obligation after the first 30 days. Empowering you to make sure that all security vulnerabilities are properly mitigated or eliminated.

Certified Auditor Letter

In some cases, with online payments or HIPAA compliance it is extremely valuable to let your clients and customers know you are secure.  As Certified Information Systems Auditor, INC Tech can provide you with our Auditor Opinion Letter verifying that your systems meet security and compliance requirements.

INC Tech’s Audit Team

We provide an experienced certified auditor for you to liaison with directly during the initial network assessment.  Our network professionals are all:

  • Certified Information Systems Auditor
  • Experienced Project Manager
  • Senior Security Engineer

Sign up for a free network security audit today! Before we get started we will share with you our managed services proposal including:

  • Project scope and tasks
  • Pricing options
  • CV’s of our audit and security team members
  • Sample reports you will receive

By sharing our proposal up front, you will know exactly what sort of services we can provide in the event you wish to proceed with our recommendations for a one month trial.