• Is your business ready when the power fails?

    Commercial Power Outage Protection: 81% of all communications outages are power-related. In Los Angeles we often hear about the toll summer can take on our power grid. Rolling blackouts is a term we’ve all come to appreciate and fear (Just check out this CBS Local Page dedicated solely to tracking and monitoring power outages throughout […]

  • Technology Predictions 2018 and Beyond

    Our 14th Anniversary and 14 Technology Predictions 2018

    May 2017 – INC Technologies, a leading provider of Information Technology Services in Los Angeles, California, is celebrating its 14th anniversary. Over the last 14 years in business, INC Tech’s commitment to customer service has remained their highest priority. Utilizing a referral based business model, INC has maintained a reputation for excellence with its clients […]

  • Warning Signs of a Phishing Email

    Recently D&H customers were the target of a fraudulent phishing email scam.  In general, phishing emails are designed to appear that they are being sent from a legitimate website (in this case, D& and include text links that look on the surface to be associated with legitimate site, however code in the link will take […]

  • What are Echo, Dot, and Tap? And Who is Alexa?

    The Dot, Echo and Tap are the device or hardware (more specifically streaming audio players) from Amazon.  Therefore, “Alexa” is the voice control software that turns the Amazon devices into a sort of virtual personal assistant or smart home hub. Interestingly, Alexa was named after the ancient library in Alexandria, Egypt, the largest library in […]

  • Have you been hacked? Email or Website or Both?

    We are big proponents of pro-active website, data and network security… but sometimes things happen. Are you worried that you’ve been hacked? Has your email been compromised? How about your website, is it being weird? We came across these two tools to do an initial check of your data, and of course, once you’ve run […]