Hi-Fi (High Fidelity Home Audio Systems)

  • 5 High Resolution Audio Download Sites

    As a certified Naim High Resolution Audio installer, of course we recommend Naim’s amazing,  naimrecords.com, download site. At INC Tech, we feel like their tagline sums up it up: buy. good. music. here. However, if you want to browse around, here are some other sites that we would be remiss if we didn’t mention: Super […]

  • Hi-Fi Audio Systems – The Evolution

    As with just about everything tech these days, the smaller a device the higher the demand (except in television screens). The same trend applies to hi-fi audio systems – hidden speakers and hidden wiring are in demand. Hi-fi, or hi-fidelity, audio speak for sound equipment capable of reproducing stereo or full-frequency audio, came into play […]

  • High Resolution Audio Reinvented

    The Phantom looks something like a Bentley version of R2D2. What’s not to love? We know we couldn’t resist Devialet’s Phantom. I don’t know about you, but the idea of ultra-dense sound with physical impact out of something that looks like a high-end extra from Star Wars, is too awesome not to explore. So, explore […]

  • HRA System Design: “The Voice of Naim”

    Inc Technologies is proud to offer Naim products in our quest for the perfect HRA system design. What sets Naim apart? Each and every Naim product is created, stylized and built entirely in service of the sound.  Which results in a pure experience of music that is as close as possible to its original live […]