About Us

    Streamlining Technology

    INC Technologies was founded with the simple mission to give our clients a technical competitive edge. We provide simplified growth and expedite profitability through the wise use of technology.

Our Core Values

    • Strive for excellence

      Deliver highest quality managed technology services to drive costs down, productivity up, improve functionality, and ensure stability/reliability.

    • Lead by example

      The INC Technologies approach is to be proactive. We have monitoring in places needed to ensure your team can work without interruption.

    • Focus on agility

      We monitor, manage and supports servers, networks, workstations, communications systems, and mobile devices, as well as provides cloud services, colocation/hosting services, cabling, security systems, web development, app development and technology hardware sales.

    • Challenge the status quo

      Our partners include leaders in data center management, , networking, security, storage optimization, software implementation/customization, virtualization, and unified communications. INC has crafted a complete and elastic technology solution.

    • Be Respectful

      We listen to you and ask questions. Your goals are our goals and we are as flexible as you need us to be.

    • Value teamwork

      Our commitment to quality and the long-term partnerships we build with our clients reflect why more than seventy five percent of our revenue in the past two years comes from repeat business and referral.

Meet Our Staff

  • Aramis

    Aramis Hernandez


    “I wasn’t going to play the hand I was dealt, so I changed my cards.”

    Aramis Hernandez is the President at INC Technologies, where he operates as the Swiss Army Knife of the company. Originally from the Los Angeles area, Aramis has over 15 years of experience working professionally with technology, and 19 years as a technologist. When Aramis is not working, he enjoys spending time with his family and visiting Dodger stadium. He speaks three languages: English, Spanish, and most importantly nerd. His retirement plans include producing music and international escapades.

  • Adam

    Adam Bohn


    “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” –John Lennon

    Adam is the Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at INC Technologies. His responsibilities include, but are not limited to, managing INC’s cloud infrastructure, client infrastructures, and network security. He has over 20 years of experience in the IT field, and is very passionate about the ever-evolving utilization of technology for business and personal use. He was born in Long Island, New York and has resided in Los Angeles since he was seven. When he is not working, he enjoys spending time with family, modifying sports cars, collecting Swiss automatic watches, watching/playing basketball, tennis, and golf.

  • Temo

    Temo Ortega

    Lead Technician

    “I speak fluent sarcasm.” –Temo Ortega

    Temo is a Lead Technician at INC Technologies where he says he does almost everything. He helps with onsite and remote support for clients. He was born in Los Angeles, California and has been working with technology for about 25 years. Aside from working with technology he enjoys sleeping, working on cars, and traveling with his family. Temo’s heroes would be his parents. He speaks two languages: English and Spanglish.

  • Brian

    Briann Hernandez

    Resource Coordinator

    “I’m not much of a word person.” –Briann Hernandez

    Briann is the Resource Coordinator at INC Technologies. He was born in Santa Monica, California and has been working with technology for about 10 years. He graduated from Cal State University, Northridge with a BA in Sociology. In his free time he enjoys working on cars, going camping, and tinkering with all things related to technology. If Briann could choose a profession other than working with technology he would want to be an air force pilot or a landscape architect

  • Kyle

    Kyle Rivera

    Lead Technician

    “So what? Can he move like me? ” -Eric Sloane

    Kyle is a Lead Technician at INC Technologies where he provides remote support for clients who contact the company as well as preventative maintenance when possible. He was born in Panorama City, California and has been working with technology for about ten years. In Kyle’s free time he enjoys watching sports and playing console and PC video games. Kyle’s hero would be Elon Musk. If Kyle had to choose another career path besides working with technology he would choose to be either a jet fighter pilot or a super spy.

  • Eric

    Eric Spicher

    Lead Technician

    “Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it.” –Charles Swindoll

    Eric is a Lead Technician at INC Technologies. He is responsible for onsite and remote support of our clients. This includes the installation, troubleshooting, and repair of software and hardware. He was born in Los Angeles, California and has been working with computers and related technologies for over 15 years. He enjoys leaning about new and emerging technologies, and how they can make a positive impact on our everyday lives. His interests include photography, all things cars, Internet memes, discovering new music, and science (particularly Cosmology).

  • John

    John Dombrowski

    Managed Services Specialist

    “Without sensibility no object would be given to us, without understanding no object would be thought. Thoughts without content are empty, intuitions without concepts are blind.”
    – Immanuel Kant

    John is the Managed Services Specialist at INC Technologies. His job is to make sure the people he helps can do their jobs. He was born in Arcadia, California and has been working in Information Technology for about ten years. When he is not at work he enjoys exploring the world and getting out as often as he can. He has traveled to places like China, Mexico, England, and Norway. Aside from traveling, he enjoys playing his electric bass and playing PC games. He greatly admires the work of Nikola Tesla. If John could choose a different career path he would like to work in aerospace—perhaps building spaceships like Elon Musk.

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